EMK Consultants


Engineering & Land Surveying for Land Developers.




Land Development requires knowledge and experience in multiple areas including infrastructure design and construction surveying. This requires coordination with clients, builders, contractors, architects, land planners, landscape architects, golf designers, utility providers, and governmental agencies. Additional engineering specialties are brought in as needed including structural, geotechnical, traffic, and environmental. Knowing how to do it, who to call, obtaining approvals, meeting schedules and budgets, and getting it built is what EMK specializes in.


EMK’s Engineering department works with land developers, home builders, commercial builders, and governmental agencies throughout the Denver Metro area. The development community is relatively small, and many of our client contacts have had numerous business cards over the years. No matter who the work for, they tend to return to EMK to fulfill their engineering and surveying needs. In land development, performance and cost consciousness in both design and design implementation are the attributes required for success. A poorly conceived design, while possibly saving money in the design process, will ultimately cost more either in the construction process or in the performance of the facility requiring problems to be repaired.


EMK’s Survey Department offers a full spectrum of surveying services, including ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Improvement Survey Plats, Land Survey Plats, boundary surveys, construction staking, preparation of legal descriptions, condominium maps, plot plans, topographic, architectural and design surveys, control surveys, and record document (as-built) surveys. Through our survey department, we have had the opportunity to review design work provided by other consultants. Our knowledge of design and survey allows us to spot and address problems in the plans before they become problems in the field.